review:ed #23 From the Frontlines of E-Textbook Wars

review:ed #23 From the Frontlines of E-Textbook Wars

review:ed #23As the textbook wars rage on, Chris and Kirsten take a look at the recent developments like Apple, publishers and the DOJ nearing a settlement that could lower ebook prices or OER startup Boundless Learning getting sued by publishers after raising $8 million.

Of course there are also news around tablets. Chris hints some big news in this space from Intel, the Aakash gets into schools in Philadelphia and All ThingsD thinks that tablets might save $3 billion a year.

All that and more in this episode of review:ed.

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Show Notes

[02:20] Recap Interview Charlie Osborne

[07:54] Apple, Publishers & DOJ near settlement
Source: The Verge

[12:40] Why tablets can save $3 billion a year
Source: All ThingsD

[14:23] Hachette to drop DRM?
Source: Paid Content

[19:27] Thank you to our sponsor AcademicPub

[23:30] Boundless Learning raises $8 million, gets sued by publishers
Source: TechCrunch

[33:05] Digital Public Library of America
Source: TechCrunch

[35:29] Google Glasses & check-ins

[37:50] Aakash tablet in Philadelphia schools
Source: TechCrunch

[42:45] Chris Intel

[47:25] The Future of Peer Reviewed scientific journals
Source: The Scientist

[54:38] LRMI – Learning Resource Metadata Initiative
Source: LRMI

[57:36] Minerva Project
Source: All ThingsD

[1:03:55] Rosemary boosts math skills
Source:  The Atlantic


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