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review:ed #17 Begun the E-Textbook War has (Audio)

review:ed Audio Podcast

review:ed Episode #17

“Begun the E-Textbook War has”

  • recorded: February 24th 2012
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Show Notes

[02:45] Kno sues Cengage Learning for pulling its textbooks
Source: Mashable

[11:10] Interview with Richard Santalesa of Information Law Group

[42:48] Article about the problems with math textbooks
Source: Open Salon

[45:40] Apple’s e-textbooks cost about 5x more than paper version
Source: Education Business Blog

[48:50] Why Pearson should build its on tablet
Source: Disrupt Education

[54:15] Samsung to introduce iTunes U competitor called “learning hub”
Source: The Next Web

[1:00:53] Thank you to our sponsor

[1:03:00] Clemson University & Dell launch Social Media Listening Center
Source: Dell

[1:09:35] Discussion around the state of online learning

[1:16:50] US Department of Education is reading Twitter
Source: Yahoo

[1:20:30] OLPC Tablet design not only important for developing countries
Source: CNN

[1:25:30] Knewton featured on Forbes
Source: Forbes

[1:27:20] If Chris Dawson founded a startup
Source: ZDNet


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