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review:ed #11 Hackers, Classroom Tech at CES and E-Textbooks (Audio)

review:ed Audio Podcast

review:ed Episode #11

“Hackers, Classroom Tech at CES and E-Textbooks”

  • recorded: January 13th 2012
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Show Notes

Hacking: the new literacy?

  • [01:42] Mayor Bloomberg signing up for CodeYear
  • [05:42] CodeRacer – a Game to teach how to build a Website
    Source: AllthingsD
  • [09:36] Hacker Apprenticeships & Hackruiter
    Source: The Atlantic | TechCrunch

Classroom Tech

  • [13:37] OLPC XO-3 Tablet
    Source: The Verge
  • Marvell Smile Plug Micro Cloud
    Source: Market Watch
  • Two new Classmate PCs
    Source: Engadget | Engadget
  • [23:08] XBox Kinnect for Windows
    Source: ZDNet
  • [29:57] Hewlett Foundation Price for Automated Scoring
    Source: Hewlett Foundation
  • [35:39] Virtual Charter Schools behind State Standards
    Source: EdWeek
  • [42:28] The difference between strong and weak Teachers
    Source: NYTimes


  • [48:37] Apple Education Event January 19th
    Source: EDUKWEST
  • [51:20] Free Nook with NYTimes Subscription
    Source: Barnes & Noble
  • [52:50] E-Textbooks saved many Students only $1
    Source: Chronicle
  • [55:39] AcademicPub adds new Partners
    Source: EDUKWEST

In other News

  • [57:39] Piazza raises $6 million
    Source: GigaOm
  • [1:03:40] WizIQ releases new Virtual Classroom
    Source: MarketWire
  • [1:07:45] IBM and Social Business Skills
    Source: IBM

Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at and the future of learning at Disrupt Education. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook or Google+