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review:ed #11 Hackers, Classroom Tech at CES and E-Textbooks (Audio)

review:ed Audio Podcast

review:ed Episode #11

“Hackers, Classroom Tech at CES and E-Textbooks”

  • recorded: January 13th 2012
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Show Notes

Hacking: the new literacy?

  • [01:42] Mayor Bloomberg signing up for CodeYear
  • [05:42] CodeRacer – a Game to teach how to build a Website
    Source: AllthingsD
  • [09:36] Hacker Apprenticeships & Hackruiter
    Source: The Atlantic | TechCrunch

Classroom Tech

  • [13:37] OLPC XO-3 Tablet
    Source: The Verge
  • Marvell Smile Plug Micro Cloud
    Source: Market Watch
  • Two new Classmate PCs
    Source: Engadget | Engadget
  • [23:08] XBox Kinnect for Windows
    Source: ZDNet
  • [29:57] Hewlett Foundation Price for Automated Scoring
    Source: Hewlett Foundation
  • [35:39] Virtual Charter Schools behind State Standards
    Source: EdWeek
  • [42:28] The difference between strong and weak Teachers
    Source: NYTimes


  • [48:37] Apple Education Event January 19th
    Source: EDUKWEST
  • [51:20] Free Nook with NYTimes Subscription
    Source: Barnes & Noble
  • [52:50] E-Textbooks saved many Students only $1
    Source: Chronicle
  • [55:39] AcademicPub adds new Partners
    Source: EDUKWEST

In other News

  • [57:39] Piazza raises $6 million
    Source: GigaOm
  • [1:03:40] WizIQ releases new Virtual Classroom
    Source: MarketWire
  • [1:07:45] IBM and Social Business Skills
    Source: IBM

Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at