Reuben Kerben of Spiral Universe

Time for another K12 or EDUKWEST academic interview! As much as I’ve recently started talking with companies in this segment of the online education market, I’ve sincerely started thinking whether I give them their own category on EDUKWEST. Input here is welcome!

Now to the company itself. Spiral Universe is a school management system which allows schools to manage their system on an efficient basis.

I talked with Reuben Kerben, founder and CEO about the need of (yet) another of those management systems but I personally got a lot out of this EDUKWEST. Me being not perfectly familiar with K12 education thought this market was a rather competitive already and some of the established big players dominating the start-ups very similar to what we see for virtual classrooms systems with the a bit moldy elluminate still massively used in Academia. That being said the school management system market appears to be more open as Spiral Universe have attracted schools in over 100 countries using their software platform since the creation of the company in 2007.

Having the edge over some other solutions in the market explains itself that using spiral the schools get everything they need out of one hand. The product development is the team’s core. They have come up with a product where there is no need to work with different solutions simultaneously to fit the school’s needs anymore.
A second very convincing argument is Spiral’s price. The basic version is available for free to all users. Depending on the individual needs, one can then upgrade and choose between three different payment plans.
Reuben was so kind to demo the product during our interview and I think you’ll get a good impression on what it is able to do.

If you read up to this point it could actually pay off not only in gain of knowledge but in dollars asReuben made a special announcement for all educators watching his interview. If you’re interest in trying the product out and eventually buying it you’ll get a 10% discount on your payment plan mentioning EDUKWEST or my name!


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