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Reading List: Online Tutoring

This Reading List: Online Tutoring is an extension of our popular “Tutoring Markets Overview” and can be used independently or in combination with the beforementioned.

It features 23 articles and gives the reader a thorough introduction to the diversity and business of online tutoring in markets including the U.S., the UK, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Asia.

Although still in its infancy and accounting for only a small share of the overall tutoring market, online tutoring has been growing rapidly in the past few years.

Contributing factors are rising internet penetration and faster connections as well as new consumer preferences such as wanting to learn anywhere, anytime.

Online tutoring is a labor intensive market and has traditionally been focused on elementary school tutoring and test prep.

Since then online tutoring has spread into verticals like tutoring sessions for high schoolers, college students, lifelong learners, language learners, and career focused tutoring.

Over the past two years 24/7 solutions as well as on-demand tutoring have seen rapid growth.

Amidst the prospects for rapid growth, it is worth mentioning that the market is largely unregulated and due to its digital nature virtually anyone can set up an online tutoring company or marketplace. Therefore, prices vary a great deal and can range anywhere between $10 / hour to over $1,000 / hour. Technical glitches are still common and language barriers can complicate the matter.

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