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Reading List: EdTech India

Despite India’s many challenges, the e-learning industry in the country is on a steady path of growth with increasing internet adoption and better low-cost devices like smartphones and laptops.

In the past year visitors from India have surged massively for EDUKWEST. The country now takes the number 2 spot in terms of number of visitors per month on our site, right after our visitors from the U.S., which is another sign for the increased interest in the Indian education technology sector.

Consequently, several of EDUKWEST’s articles covering the Indian education market now rank in the top 10 articles on a regular basis. We see the segments of online tutoring solutions, e-learning platforms for professional development, low-cost phone and tablet projects, MOOCs as well as investors in the Indian market to be the most popular ones among our audience.

We also see strong initiatives from both entrepreneurs, private investors and the government that will push the market further.

Here are a few interesting numbers to support our findings:

  • The Indian education market is predicted to be worth Rs 590,000 crore in FY2014-15
  • The education market in India is over $90 billion and growing at a healthy rate of 15 per cent CAGR
  • Indian e-learning content market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.4% from Financial Year 2014 – Financial Year 2018.
  • Since April, at least five edtech startups have raised close to $40 million in initial funding
  • India overtakes China in tech exits, now ranks in global top 5

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