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[Updated] Reading List: EdTech China

[Updated] The Reading List: EdTech China now contains the months of January to June 2015.

The EDUKWEST editors put together this curated list of articles from the most knowledgeable sources on the Internet for everybody interested in learning what matters in the Chinese education market today.

Each day our team literally works through hundreds of articles and news items on e-learning, so you don’t have to. We then curate the most relevant and insightful ones into our reading lists on different topics in education technology and market intelligence.

Our reading list on education in China includes the 30 best articles on the topic published in the first half of 2015. It is conveniently sorted by vertical and includes articles on K-12, higher education, Chinese language, politics, and edtech startups.

Just a few interesting numbers on the fast-growing education market in China:

  • 230 million pre-K school children
  • the government aims to bring all K-12 online in the next ten years
  • 300,000 students to receive 3-D printers in school
  • 70,000 educational apps today, which is 10% of all apps in China
  • 100,000,000 e-learning users in China & 649 million internet users total
  • more than 100 edtech startups received funding in 2014

Curated sources for this reading list include Tech in Asia, Technode, CCTV, China Daily, China Morning Post, and various other preeminent news resources.

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