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Reading List: EdTech Asia

Today, Asia in all its variety is likely the most interesting market for education technology.

Although it is mostly China, with its dominance and enormous potential for growth, we hear about when it comes to massive investment rounds, it is lesser covered Asian countries, like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia, that go through rapid development and quick evolution, which now have the potential to leapfrog some of their more mature Asian neighbors.

Innovation in education in Asia largely equals with mobile technology. China alone has 557 million mobile internet users.

Indonesia, on the other hand, is expected to become the fourth largest market for mobile devices, surpassing 100 million monthly active users in 2018. The country also has the ambitious goal to replace textbooks with tablet devices.

Even nations like Bhutan, that are far from being on the map when it comes to EdTech, are actively looking into the possibilities of e-learning to benefit their education system.

The rapid development in different Asian EdTech markets is fueled by a plethora of incubators and accelerators that startups can join as well as investment opportunities.

But there are also problems. While South Korea is still benefitting from its perfect test scores in international comparison, cracks in the education system start to show.

Japan, these days, makes more headlines about its depressed youth and the fear for jobs that make the e-learning industry bloom, rather than reforming its educational system and pushing innovation.

For this Reading List: EdTech Asia our team selected over 20 articles from leading sources, covering K-12, Career & Skills, the EdTech Startup Ecosystem and Mobile.

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