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Radio killed the Video Star – EDUKWEST moves to Soundcloud

EDUKWEST Soundcloud

When I launched EDUKWEST four years ago my vision was to create a collection of edtech founder interviews that would help and inspire future entrepreneurs to join the education space , creating something meaningful instead of wasting their talent on launching the next social / gamification / location based whatever app.

In order to make the conversations more engaging I anticipated that people would want to watch video interviews as I really enjoyed the stuff Andrew Warner, Jason Calacanis and Leo Laporte were doing with their shows and networks.

Now four years and over 200 interviews later I have to say that the stats don’t lie. Whenever my audience has the choice it prefers the audio version of the interviews by about 80% to 20%. That does not mean that video does not work but for long form and in-depth content the classic audio only approach is where it’s at.

And over the past couple of years new shows and networks have emerged that exactly prove that trend. There is 5by5, Mule Radio Syndicate and other podcasts that build their shows on audio streams.

Thinking about it, which I did all Summer, it all makes perfect sense. When does the core audience of EDUKWEST, founders, founders-to-be and investors have the time to sit down and watch a talking heads show? Instead they load the audio version on their mp3 player, smartphone or car radio and listen to it while they commute, work out in the gym or do the dishes.

That’s why I decided to relocate EDUKWEST to Soundcloud. From episode #101 on all shows are going to be audio only and we are going to focus on great audio quality for our listeners which is far easier to achieve than with video. Based on this new approach we are also going to (re)launch new shows over the coming weeks and months and get back on a more regular show schedule.

For those who actually want to watch me and my guests on video, there is great news as well. EDUKWEST is still going to produce video content in the form of live streamed Google Hangouts. The exact show concepts are still in the works but one show is going to be an edtech news roundup with fellow education technology blogger and other guests.

For now I want to thank you, our audience, for your interest in what we do at EDUKWEST and Macmillan Digital Education who were so kind to join our efforts as a supporter.

To grab a line from one of my favorite (ex)education entrepreneurs , Dave Schappell;


Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at

  • I’m so interested in these stats.

    I find myself ignoring videos as they remove you from the context of the situation are invariably too long and unedited.

    I don’t find myself searching down audio. Guess I should.

    So–new strategy is video for interactive, audio for listening. Smart!

    • Thanks. I first heard about this from Leo Laporte and I thought I misunderstood him when he said that 80% of the TWiT audience prefer audio. If you look at his studio and the production quality he is putting into the video streams you wouldn’t believe it.

      Then it got me thinking that he sees TWiT as a new form of TV and then people tune in to watch the shows live whereas people on the road prefer to download the audio versions. Makes a lot of sense, actually.

      When I started tracking my downloads of video and audio it became pretty obvious that the EDUKWEST audience shows the exact same patterns.