Project WissensWerte is Civic Education 2.0


We at EDUKWEST have been talking quite a bit about online educational videos these past days. I talked with Veritasium about how to make great and efficient science videos and we saw a YouTube channel dedicated to teachers in order to learn best practises happen.

Today, I want to share one more innovative initiative with you bringing learners closer to the field of political education. We could say political education for the YouTube generation.

The project is called WissensWerte and its two creators Jan Künzl and Jörn Barkemeyer, founders of the Berlin-based digital agency edeos, have created a number of videos ranging from human rights over the United Nations to globalization and politics so far, and each video explains the individual topic in under 10 minutes.

/e-politik.de/ e.V., the organization behind the WissensWerte project is a member corporation, it thus sustains itself through private or official funds and governmental grants which explains that most videos target a German-speaking audience up to know.

That said, in my talk with Jan Künzel he told me about his vision to bring the project on an international level and to attract a global audience. Here you can see the first video in English about Human Rights and there are also localized versions for French and Spanish viewers available on the YouTube channel.

It is the first project for political education that compares very well with the standards in terms of consumption and professional realization the so called YouTube generation is used to. Political awareness in today’s global world is something very important and project WissensWerte gives individuals as well as educators powerful tools at hand.

The project works under the cc license, for all detailed information on how to use the materials you should check back with Jan Künzl. I will, of course, try to win Jan for an EDUKWEST interview about the project.

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Website: edeos.org
Twitter: @edeos_de
YouTube: youtube.com/weareedeos

Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at KirstenWinkler.com.