Popplet - Collect, Curate and Share your Ideas

Pop Out your Ideas and Share them using Popplet

Popplet - Collect, Curate and Share your Ideas

Popplet lets users share ideas, creations, inspirations on the platform. This is a New York based start-up, with a dedicated team of 6 very creative and talented people. They create fun, gestural and visual experiences for both web and mobile web. It is currently still in the beta version.

All of us are quite used to using PowerPoint for making presentations and using whiteboard and other drawing applications for creating drawings and charts. All this can be done on Popplet! One will find several unique tools for creating, organizing and sharing complex idea all in one place which sure do make things easier.

For teachers, Popplet can easily be integrated into your teaching and make your lessons more visual, colorful, and interactive. .

So what kind of features do Popplet have to make teachings come alive?

One of the many great features on Popplet is being able to link ideas by using the creation of flow charts, mind mapping or even cluster mapping which are wonderful for teaching writing lessons. Teachers can turn brainstorming into an interactive activity by using the Invite feature to invite students to join in on the brainstorming process. What’s even more eye-catching about it is the Sharing feature. Once a chart is created, teachers can either email it to students or post it on Twitter or Facebook to share with the entire class.

Popplet Example
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Images can also be uploaded with notes written next to it. This feature is a wonderful tool for teaching new vocabulary words or simply for presenting a new concept to students. This is can be done using PowerPoint, but even simpler using Popplet.

Popplet Example
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In addition to linking ideas, uploading images, other features on Popplet includes embedding videos, or drawing images.

For iPad lovers, available on the Apple store is Popplet for iPad… New updates with connection to popplet.com and also allows for users to collaborate in real-time.

Collect, create, and share your ideas, projects and inspirations using Popplet!

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Website: popplet.com
Twitter: @poppletny
iTunes: Popplet iPad App

Anne Hwang is a writer for EDUKWEST, covering news and profiling startups in education. Anne is a professional ESL/EFL teacher from the United States, teaching English for 9 years offline and 3 years online. She holds a B.A. Degree in Business Marketing and a Masters Degree in Education, TESOL. You can follow here on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.