PointScribe teaches Children Handwriting on Touchscreen Devices


My latest post at KirstenWinkler.com was about the devaluation of handwriting in schools though this skill has important ties to creativity and it is a part of our identity.

Hence I was stoked to see this Kickstarter project of PointScribe. Interestingly, the company have already been working on the product for a couple of years and they started with Windows devices around 2005 already, so fwell before the day touch screen devices became popular thanks to the launch of the first iPhone in 2007.

In the Kickstarter promo video Kevin Maher, the developer of PointScribe makes an interesting point. Since the stone age we might have changed our writing tools but never the way we teach handwriting. If you think about it, the process of teaching handwriting is pretty inefficient as the teachers constantly need to interact with the student.

PointScribe teaches children to write through a combination of games, animation and automatic feedback based on the performance. Children can learn on their own for the first time without the need of a teacher. The only time a teacher / parent needs to be involved is probably at the beginning to explain how the system works. PointScribe also teaches cursive.

PointScribe is pledging for $32,500 to port the product to Apple platforms including Mac and iOS devices. This should be something of interest for my educator following and you can actively support the project at Kickstarter.

Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at KirstenWinkler.com.