Peter Smith of SchoolShape

You know that EDUKWEST always is on the search for better education. Therefore, I’m happy when start-ups from remote places around the globe come on Edukwest to present how they change education.

This time, I interviewed with Peter Smith, co founder of Jersey based start-up Not the most obvious place to start an education 2.0 company at first sight. But as Peter told me, the Jersey government backed them with a generous grant which enabled himself and his son along with a developer team to build over the past years.

As so many educators are regular viewers of Edukwest, I’m excited having had yet again a start-up as interviewee that is particularly relevant for you. The second point is that a classic teacher with an idea to innovate in education actually made the turn and became an edupreneur.

Schoolshape’s idea is to be the school’s language lab just online. During the interview Peter takes you over the site and extensively explains the features and possibilities of the service.

If you are a teacher in a classic school but also if you happen to have your school online might be an interesting addition to your teaching or offer.

Let me know your thoughts on this start-up! Here is the interview.


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1. EDUKWEST #42 with Peter Smith of SchoolShape     

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