Paul Gollash of Voxy

For EDUKWEST episode 41 I had the joy of talking with Paul Gollash about his learning start-up Voxy.
Voxy is in the mobile language learning space, currently in open beta.

As first customer group the team is currently targeting the Hispanic population in the US and help these people learn English from life. You learn with resources you actually care about, may it be sports or entertainment, all of that on your phone.

Paul Gollash as the founder has had a business career prior to Voxy.

Due to his experiences of trying and learn Spanish and Portuguese for his work and not being able to find solutions satisfying his need and also lifestyle. A story I frequently hear from start-up founders and edupreneurs. He eventually took the big decision and quit his job.

About 7 months later Voxy is born and was officially launched on Techcrunch Disrupt.

Voxy are eager to get your feedback on their service to make it better and I love hearing from you to make EDUKWEST better in every new episode!


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