Jon Bischke on the eduFire SuperPass

This is the first interview of EDUKWEST. My guest was Jon Bischke, Founder and CEO of In this interview he gave a short review about the road that took him to launching eduFire, an overview about the eduFire SuperPass and a look ahead. Continue reading

Welcome to EDUKWEST

Finally! One of my long term plans became reality. I welcome you all to EDUKWEST, an interview series with the people behind educhange, hacking education, education revolution or, as I tend to call it, the democratization of education.

Since I started blogging about online education in January 2009 on I realized that there are so many questions and interesting stories behind those start ups that need to be told.

Then I found Andrew Warner of and got immediately sucked into his interviews with all those brilliant guys. So the idea grew that “one day” I want to do something like this for the education sector.

Well, the day came earlier than I thought. The project was nearly finished for quite a while but I did not feel that the time was right. The moment that changed this was the first ETCon. As it was far from perfect, and I am a perfectionist, but the feedback we received was amazing I said to myself, do it now. If you can survive an evening like this, you can do interviews, too.

What is the name about? It is made of education – EDU, Kirsten Winkler – KW and quest – EST. So this show is basically my quest to find better education. And I hope you will join me on this search.

Looking forward to your comments and I hope you all get something out of this series.

Talk soon and see you on the next ETCon end of August 😉


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