MEP 035 Burck Smith StraighterLine Meet Education Project

MEP #035 with Burck Smith, CEO & Founder of StraighterLine

On this episode of MEP, CEO & Founder of Straighterline, Burck Smith, joins me to chat about self paced learning, educational policy, and where he sees the future of education moving.  DO NOT miss this!

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before raise VC EDUKWEST Academy

What Founders Should Know Before They Raise VC and Why We Chose Not To

It’s an exciting time for startups and aspiring business founders.

With investors pumping so much money into the industry it’s easy to see why. We’re hearing more and more about “unicorns” valued at over a billion dollars and companies spending enormous sums to acquire other businesses. The numbers look amazing.

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Shaila Ittycheria Enstitute Meet Education Project

MEP #033 with Shaila Ittycheria, Co-founder of Enstitute – Apprenticeships for 21st Century Careers

What if you could learn alongside a proven CEO and founder in an industry you were curious about?  Imagine learning about finance, sales & marketing, & product development through direct application on a daily basis.  Would you learn more than studying these disciplines in college?

Could this be a viable solution for the much publicized skills gap that learners and employers are experiencing to power the 21st century economy?

Well, I discuss the apprenticeship model with Shaila Ittycheria, co-founder of Enstitute.  Don’t miss it!

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Openwords EdTech Startup Profile EDUKWEST

Openwords – EdTech Startup Profile

Name: Openwords
Headquarters: Bloomington, USA
Vertical: Language Learning
Tech: Web App, Mobile App

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Future of Live Tutoring on the Internet EDitorial EDUKWEST

The Future of Live Tutoring on the Internet

The Internet opened up huge opportunities for tech savvy tutors not that long ago. If you had a basic understanding of how to set up a website, a bit of SEO and online marketing knowledge, chances were high to grow a tutoring business from a local customer base into an international operation. Skype, tutoring platforms and marketplaces, YouTube and social media represent only a handful of the new tools tutors had at their disposal. Glory days.

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