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Overview: Two EdTech Startups out of US Accelerators

Today we take a look at two edtech startups that recently graduated from ERA, based in New York City and Angelpad, based in San Francisco.

ERA Demo Day

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, short ERA, held its Winter 2014 demo day last week. Among the ten startups who pitched the investors was Lingo Live, a language learning startup that connects students with certified Spanish tutors.

Lingo Live

Lingo LiveBesides the obvious features of video chat and interactive whiteboard, Lingo Live created a retention tool called Proficiency Belt. Through this feature Lingo Live aims to make the progress more visual with the goal of keeping the learner motivated.

One-on-one lessons start at $29 per hour, if the learner chooses the Platinum plan priced at $579 per month with 20 lessons included. Besides targeting individual learners, Lingo Live offers packages for companies, from small businesses to Fortune 500s.

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AngelPad held its spring demo day two weeks ago. Among the eleven startups presenting was GradSavers, a platform that connects businesses with college graduates for marketing, social media and sales tasks.


GradSaversThe twist of GradSavers: the payment for the task goes directly to the student’s college loan provider and the performed tasks also help build the resume. For businesses the value proposition lies in the quality of the workforce as all are US-based college graduates.

Essentially GradSavers is a mix of Freelancer and Amazon Mechanical Turk. Students earn LoanCreds for the performed tasks, 10 LoanCreds equal $1 in loan repayment. Payment for tasks varies between 5 to 500 LoanCreds ($0.50 to $50).

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