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Overview: Five EdTech Startups out of Asian Bootcamps, Incubators & Accelerators

Here is an overview of five edtech startups that recently participated in bootcamps, incubators or accelerator programs throughout Asia.

We take a look at Smart Colleague and SquLine out of the GIST Startup Bootcamp in Jakarta, Indonesia. Codemi which pitched at the Echelon 2014 Indonesia Satellite. ATLS which participated in the Docomo Innovation Village Incubator in Japan and Chicago-based Freenters which participated in the SparkLabs Korea accelerator program.

GIST Startup Bootcamp

The GIST Startup Bootcamp took place in Jakarta, Indonesia from April 4th to 6th. 30 startups were selected out of 200 submissions. Among the top seven that pitched their products during demo day, two were edtech startups.

Smart Colleague

smart colleague april 2014Smart Colleague is a mobile computer training startup which brings laptops and teachers into rural areas to teach children and adults. The startup currently operates with 200 notebooks and 23 teachers. A one hour lesson costs around $0.50 per person.

Through the program learners, especially children, achieve three learning goals at once. They learn about computers, learn some English and reinforce material they learned in school.




SquLineSquLine is a language learning platform that connects native tutors with learners through VoIP and a virtual classroom. The startup currently offers Mandarin Chinese courses at different levels and aims to raise $100k.

From the 400 users who have signed up in the first 8 months since SquLine launched, 50 are paying customers who generated $15k in revenue according to Tech in Asia.


squline.com | Twitter

Echelon 2014 Indonesia Satellite

The Echelon 2014 Indonesia Satellite is a pitch competition by Asian tech blog e27 and was held on March 27. Among the 10 finalists, one was an edtech startup.


CodemiCodemi, a portmanteau for Collaboration Academy Indonesia, is an online platform that combines videos, audio and presentations and targets the Indonesian market.

Courses on the platform are currently free and the startup has local competition from edtech startups Medidu and Wikasa. Codemi was participant in the Jakarta Founder Institute in 2013.


codemi.co | Twitter | Facebook

Docomo Innovation Village Incubator

Japanese telecommunication company Docomo held the demo day of its second Innovation Village Incubator last month. Of the six startups, one was an edtech startup.


ATLSATLS turns textbooks in to apps, targeting Japanese high school students who learn for the university entrance exam.

The app lets students check how long they take to solve a question and the team plans to integrate data from well-performing university students as a benchmark for learners.

ATLS works together with the publishers whose textbooks are turned into apps.



SparkLabs Korea Demo Day

SparkLabs Korea is based in Seoul and hosted its third demo day earlier this month. Of the seven startups presenting, one was an edtech startup.


FreentersFreenters is a Chicago-based startup that enables students to print out anything study related for free using printers nearby on campus. The service is monetized through ads or coupons on the bottom of the page.

Freenters is currently on 10 campuses in the US and has 86 advertisers signed up. According to the startup over 450k pages have been printed so far. Students sign up for the service by using their .edu email address. After they are verified, they can upload files to a cloud storage and use the nearest printer on campus for the print out.

According to co-founder Paul Park, Freenters is targeting a $13 billion market. During its trial run at the University of Chicago, 3000 users signed up in 10 days. The startup is now looking to raise $500k and to expand further to campuses in Boston, New York, and other East Coast cities according to TechCrunch.


freenters.com | Twitter | Facebook

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