2014 Pearson Catalyst

Overview: The EdTech Startups in the 2014 Pearson Catalyst Program

Pearson announced nine of the ten startups that have been selected to take part in its 2014 Pearson Catalyst program today. Through the Catalyst program, now in its second year, Pearson partners with startups which then work on key challenges together with product experts, innovators and industry veterans from the company.

This year 215 startups from 30 countries applied for the program. Over the course of three months the startups will get access to Pearson resources and the opportunity to work closely together with a Pearson brand.

“We believe that by partnering with the startup community, together, we can more quickly tackle true educational challenges and make a real impact in learners’ lives. It’s exciting to connect Pearson teams with innovative startups that share our passion for making a difference in education.”

states Diana Stepner, VP of Innovation Partnerships & Developer Relations at Pearson.

In total there will be 10 startups in the program, working on ten key challenges set by Pearson in March.

Mathspace | Catalyst challenge: Mobile Math Input

MathspaceOfficially launched in 2012 Mathspace offers secondary students and their teachers a platform for adaptive and personalized math learning with a library of thousands of exercises aligned with the Australian curriculum. Mathspace’s digital workbook gives instant feedback and offers help on demand through hints and videos.

Mathspace announced a distribution partnership with Pearson back in April under which its product is offered as a supplement to Pearson’s own secondary mathematics solutions in Australia and New Zealand via subscription.


mathspace.co | Twitter | Facebook

GlassLab | Catalyst challenge: Data Visualization Solution

GlassLabGlassLab is creating original games and mods of existing commercially successful games (like SimCity) – all aligned to Common Core State Standards, and designed to support acquisition of critical 21st century skills.

Real-time estimates of student learning empower teachers to personalize instruction for deeper learning experiences.


glasslabgames.org | Twitter | Facebook

Learning Games Network | Catalyst challenge: English Language Learning Game

Learning Games NetworkLearning Games Network created an English learning adventure. Learners explore the island of Xenos and learn English through playing games and quests and by interacting with citizens and follow visitors in different locations on the virtual island, supporting English language learning.
The expansive learning space immerses learners in new contexts across a variety of colorful and engaging zones populated by other English language learners, coaches, mentors and teachers.


xenos-isle.com | Twitter

Sesame.io | Catalyst challenge: Performance Based Assessment

Sesame.ioSesame offers products for teachers to capture and assess learning. Sesame Snap is an application that enables teachers to take pictures of creative work like drawings and assess them right away. The data can then be uploaded and synchronized with portfolios and teaching plans via WiFi.

Sesame also offers a platform for entire schools including overview of teaching plans and assessment methods for admins, holistic view of each student for every subject in one place and private communities to share resources and synchronizing strategies.


sesamehq.com | Twitter | Facebook

Actively Learn | Catalyst challenge: Critical Reading: Focus, Duration and Comprehension

Actively LearnActively Learn is an ereading platform that improves students’ reading comprehension and retention by empowering teachers to reach students inside a book.

Teachers can customize instruction, provide real-time feedback, allow peers to collaborate, and get analytics on student performance. Students are motivated by getting information to fill gaps in background knowledge and interacting with peers. Reading is transformed from a passive activity to an active, collaborative one.


activelylearn.com | Twitter | Facebook | CrunchBase

Verold | Catalyst challenge: 3D Visualizations for Developmental Psychology

VeroldBuilt for Web developers, Verold is a real-time, high-performance online platform that streamlines the creation of Web-based interactive 3D content in ways that haven’t been possible before.

Verold wants to weave 3D content into the fabric of the Web, making it easy to deliver a rich, engaging and interactive user experiences on any device.


verold.com | Twitter | Facebook

CodeMonkey | Catalyst challenge: Teaching Computer Science in Schools

CodeMonkeyCodeMonkey is an online game that teaches both the fundamentals and advanced topics in computer programming.

A recent graduate from the MindCET accelerator program in Israel, the CodeMonkey team has vast experience in both technology and education, aiming to change the way people learn coding.


codemonkey.co.il | Twitter | Facebook | CrunchBase

ForAllRubrics | Catalyst challenge: Learning Outcomes Rubric & Data Platform

ForAllRubricsForAllRubrics is a rubrics and badging platform, enabling teachers to grade students, organize badges, set up and share badge systems, align badges with standards or create entire badge ecosystems. The platform also offers mobile access through dedicated apps in iOS and Android.


forallrubrics.com | Twitter

Learnmetrics | Catalyst challenge: Standards and Scales Curriculum Mapping

LearnmetricsLearnmetrics knocks down the walls between disparate data sources and gives educators instant access to the 360° data they need to drive outcomes for their students.

Learnmetrics collects, connects and analyzes school data and provides educators with powerful metrics and analytics. No setup, no configuration and no IT support required.


learnmetrics.com | Twitter | Facebook | CrunchBase

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