Multilingualism in Europe

Nicolas de Santis of Gold Mercury International to keynote Multilingualism in Europe

We are delighted to announce that Nicolas de Santis will deliver his keynote at our event Multilingualism in Europe next week.

Nicolas de Santis is President & Secretary General of Gold Mercury International, the global foresight think tank and global governance award organisation founded in 1961. De Santis is a global vision strategist and internet entrepreneur, advising companies and governments on sustainably driven corporate and brand visions, business model innovation and cultural transformation.

Nicolas de SantisIn the 1990s de Santis worked for the European Union and where he advised on issues relating to European identity and the launch of the Euro currency. Prior to joining Gold Mercury, Nicolas was an internet entrepreneur, who started influential and high profile internet companies, such as which he left in 2003.

In 2013 he launched Brand EU Centre which labels itself as the unofficial brand of the European Union, aiming to improve the management of the European Union as a global brand.

In his presentation de Santis will focus on the state of English as the defacto unofficial language of the EU. Brand EU believes English would not act as a barrier to other European languages, but instead be the path for a stronger and more adept EU.

Using English across Europe will first of all, make information sharing more efficient, and it will allow citizens to communicate with their neighbouring countries freely, and it will exist complementary to national languages which, as always will hold onto the cultural diversity of Europe.

Brand EU will make their position paper available for the public to download at the day of the event.

Based on his decades of experience in European politics as well as Internet entrepreneur, I am very much looking forward to de Santis’ keynote opening the event.

Should you be interested in joining us on September 17 in London, our co-organiser Macmillan Digital Education has made sure to provide us with a sizeable venue and thanks to our sponsors Speexx and busuu tickets are free. However, seats are limited and we only have a few of them left. Please reserve your tickets on time as we cannot admit guests without a valid ticket.

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