Mobile Phones not allowed in School? Store it in a Truck

A lot of schools don’t allow mobile phones or other electronic gadgets for a variety of reasons. But what are kids supposed to do with these when they cannot take them into the building? For most of them mobile phones are far more than just a way to communicate with each other or their parents and the school day is only part of the actual day.

As for every problem, smart startup founders find a solution. In this case Vernon Alcoser, a Bronx businessman and federal correctional officer came up with a clever solution: a mobile storage facility in form of a truck parked outside the school called “Pure Loyalty Electronic Device Storage”.

One gadget turned in costs $1, two only $1.50. The business is open from 7am to 5pm every school day and between 300 to 700 gadgets are stored in the truck every day. And of course, all devices are insured during storage.

Via: Mashable

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