Micro-Learning Platform Coursmos raises $530k

Coursmos, a learning platform offering micro-learning courses for the “generation distracted”, raises $530k from Russian VC Imperius Group and an undisclosed angel investor. The startup previously raised $310k from Happy Farm Business Incubator and a group of angels.

Coursmos aims to chop larger subjects into bite-sized lesson units, each not longer than 3 minutes and with a micro-course not containing more than seven lessons. The courses can then be linked to related courses, forming knowledge clouds for a variety of fields. Courses are created by the users and can be either offered for free or for a fee.

Coursmos currently features over 1500 courses with over 6600 lessons and has 70.000 registered users of which 30.000 are active according to TechCrunch.

The funding will be used to expand the team and create a course recommendation system based on learning history and interest of the individual user.

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