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MathCrunch – EdTech Startup Profile

Name: MathCrunch
Headquarters: San Francisco, USA
Vertical: K-12, Higher Education
Tech: Web App, Mobile App

Introduce your startup and give a short description of what you are doing.

MathCrunch is a chat based mobile tutoring company that instantly connects students to tutors on demand, 24/7. Students receive highly effective, convenient and affordable one‐on‐one tutoring from experienced math tutors without the hassle of scheduling or in‐person meeting. MathCrunch tutors receive ongoing training on best-in-class teaching methods and weekly feedback from senior tutors.

Who are the founders, how did you meet, what are your different roles in the startup.

Naguib Sawiris

How was the idea for your startup born?

Naguib’s first attempt at a startup was an e-commerce grocery app, but the young entrepreneur couldn’t find a good reason for the company to exist. As he saw students sending photos of math problems they couldn’t solve to friends and relatives, he realized there was a business there.
His passion grew overtime and now he envisions a world where everyone has instant mobile access to excellent, personalized education.

What is the main problem in education that you aim to solve.

Today, math remains an area where millions of students struggle and a source of great anxiety. Despite the serious nature of the issue, quality math education remains inaccessible. Students a lot of times can’t get the help they need when they need it. On the other end of the spectrum are technology-enabled platforms, like math “tutoring” apps that provide answers to problems, rather than helping students learn to solve; or massive, one-size-fits-all, lecture-based platforms that don’t respond to students’ individual needs or encourage interactivity. Traditional tutoring models aren’t designed for the way students learn today, they can be expensive and it’s inconvenient to schedule a tutor to come to the house when a student might only need help with a specific problem.

In which markets / regions are you active. What markets / regions are next.


Who is your target audience.

Typically, students ages 12-21 who are taking math classes.

What is your business model. How much does your product / service cost.

We currently have two payment options:
Our subscription option starts at $23.99/Mo. for 60 minutes, $44.99./Mo. for 120 minutes and $79.99 for 240 minutes a month.

Our Pay-As-You-Go option lets students pay only for the minutes used.

How many users / downloads does your service have?


If you raised funding, how much did you raise. Who are your investors. If not, are you planning to raise funding.


Index Ventures, Slow Ventures, Floodgate Fund, Sherpa Ventures, Formation 8, and StartX-Stanford Fund

Are there milestones you are especially proud of and would like to share.

Every new person who joins the team.

What are the next steps in growing your startup.


How can people get in touch with you. or via our Facebook Page.

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