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Some of you might have noticed the Macmillan Digital Education logo at the upper right corner for a couple of weeks, already. Due to a series of Internet connection problems, a nasty flu and lots of travelling I had to push the official announcement until now. So here we go.

Macmillan Digital Education is supporting EDUKWEST in its mission to cover interesting startups and stories in the online education and edtech space. Matthias Ick, Managing Director of Macmillan Digital Education, and I have talked a lot over the past months and found that the mission and vision of our two ventures align.

What will change, you might ask. Well, other than you are going to get more EDUKWEST episodes and some new formats we will of course keep our editorial independence and do what we do best, giving you analysis, report, opinion and great interviews.

Kirsten Winkler Matthias IckI am very happy about the support of Macmillan Digital Education, especially as this partnership / support was not a hard sell. Matthias and the team were very familiar with what we do at EDUKWEST already and did not need to be convinced that our work is worth being supported.

Digital Education and EDUKWEST are also going to work together on some edtech startup events, online and offline. We already have some ideas in mind that we are currently working on. Needless to say that we will keep you updated on the progress.
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Once again, thank you to Matthias Ick and the team at Macmillan Digital Education for supporting EDUKWEST and its mission to showcase innovation in education. To learn more about what Macmillan Digital Education does, check out my interview with Matthias over here.

Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at