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For the first EDUKWEST of 2011 I went down under, virtually at least but scheduling an interview when 10 hours time difference are between you is not the easiest. Leni Mayo, co founder of online learning start-up Learnable and I eventually made it happen and it turned out to be a really interesting interview.

Learnable may be a new company to online education although the founder team standing behind the start-up is a very experienced one. They also founded the well-known companies 99designs, Flippa and have a publishing company called SitePoint.

The newest addition to the family, Learnable, is still in beta and there is not that much to see on the website yet but you can ask for a beta key and if your background matches, the company is quick to provide you with an access. It’s the company’s objective is to launch with a rather large portfolio of courses, so that potential users have a high chance to find something interesting.

Learnable position themselves on the educational market as a provider of asynchronous content. Their experts produce video content with some social layer on top, so that the learner has some possibilities to engage with the expert.

The current courses roughly cost between $9 US and $34 US and are centered around programming and computer subjects due to the relationships the founders have built with sidepoint. However, this will change and topics will become broader along with the growth of the service. All in all, a nice opportunity for course creators and creators of video content to develop and the sell courses on the platform. Leni gives detailed information on how courses should look like along with payment options. I enjoyed doing this EDUKWEST and it’s definitely worth watching when you think about how to sell asynchronous content!


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1. EDUKWEST #47 with Leni Mayo of Learnable     

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Learnable blog: http://blog.learnable.com/
Learnable on Twitter: @learnablehq
Leni on Twitter: @lenidot
Leni on LinkedIn: http://au.linkedin.com/in/lenimayo

Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at KirstenWinkler.com.

  • Team Learnable

    Thanks Kirsten for the interview with Leni. The team here at Learnable is working hard towards our launch of the first 50 courses. Thanks again.

  • Documaker

    Good job with the interview… both of you!