LAUNCH Education & Kids 2012

LAUNCH Education & Kids Conference Day 2 – Part 1

LAUNCH Education & Kids 2012

The second day of the LAUNCH Education & Kids Conference was filled with a lot more pitches, demos and a keynote of Nolan Bushnell, co-founder of Atari and now working on Brainrush. As there were so many startups on stage we decided to publish the rundown in two parts. So here is part one of day two.

After a quick welcome by organizer Jason Calacanis, he introduced the judges.

  • Betsy Corcoran of EdSurge
  • Thomas Korte of AngelPad
  • David Samuel of Freestyle Capital
  • David Straus of Kno

These four were joined by Joe Ayala of Madera Unified School District to get the teacher’s perspective on the panel, too.

Then, the presentations got started.

Global Imagination | @magicplanet |

Global Imagination makes the Magic Planet. That’s a digital video globe with a sphere-shaped screen. Sphere sizes range from 16 (41 cm) to almost 10′ (3m). They also supply software, content and services that enable educators to present dynamic global information and promotional media in the most compelling and interactive way possible.

Papercake | @paper_cake

Next up was stealth startup Papercake. Papercake allows kids to learn make smart money decisions early on. Can imagine this be a success in Asia as people are already familiar with the concept. Mixed feedback on twitter. Needs some social responsability built-in for Western countries.

Study Egg | @StudyEgg |

Watch video, answer questions, be brilliant. Study Egg is an app for flipped video lessons to provide continuous assessment. Learners watch short videos from Khan Academy, TED or other freely available resources, then answer questions about what they’ve seen. Teachers and schools have the option to create their own, tailored courses.

Eduvant | @Eduvant |

Coming out of the imagine K12 incubator Eduvant provides user-friendly tools that allow school leaders, administrators, and educators to better leverage data to inform the decisions they make everyday. The startup provides tools for already existing data and apps that allow schools to collect new data. Eduvant got some positive feedback.

Tipitap | @mytipitap | | iTunes

Tipitap publishes iPhone, iPad, Android and Google Chrome apps for young learners. They aim to educate and entertain children—from babies and toddlers to pre-kindergarten and all the way up to 1st grade. Tipitap’s products weave together fun with fundamental educational concepts into effective learning experiences. Good feedback, people seem to focus on the cuteness not the educational concept.

SMALLab Learning | @SMALLab |

The startup focuses on embodied learning for schools, museums and at home. SMALLab Learning is a space where physical learning meets 21st century learning. To fully understand the concept of embodied learning you should watch the various videos featured on their website. Will we see the xbox kinect in schools next year?

Nearpod | @nearpod | | iTunes

Nearpod creates teacher and student apps for a synchronized use of iPad in the classroom. The app lets teachers create polls, quizzes and multimedia presentations. They can send their lessons immediately and also get students’ responses via the app. Very well received by the educators in the audience!

Duckie Deck | @DuckieDeck |

Duckie Deck from Poland create games for iPhone and iPad. The startup targets young learners (aged 2-5) to develop their thinking skills through playing games. They also want to give parents ideas and be an inspiration how to spend time together with their kids. Promising.

Fingerprint Play | @FingerprintPlay | | iTunes

Fingerprint Play are also in the mobile learning space and call themselves the first learning and play network for kids and their parents. Keeps kids engaged and parents are aware of what’s going on.

Orca Health | @OrcaHealth | | iTunes

The next startup, Orca Health, targets the patient education market. The design apps to help people make better choices about their healthcare. The products can either be used by the patient himself/herself or together with a specialist.

Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at

  • George Machlan

    Thanks K, the products are a bit off of my student demographic but the “Magic Planet” blew me away. I felt like I was in a sci-fi movie.

    • Check also out the two other posts about the event. Maybe you find some other gems 😉