Languagelab raises $1 million

The team at Languagelab recently closed a $1 million seed funding round. The money will be used to rapidly develop the virtual learning campus called English City, based on the popular platform Second Life.

The three investors in Languagelab are

Avonmore Developments
Avonmore Developments is the UK private investment vehicle of brothers Simon and Michael Blakey. Its focus is early-stage, platform technology-focused businesses and was the initial funder behind the likes of Groupspaces, Tagman, Specle, Commerce Decisions and Bybox.

Huda Associates
Huda Associates Ltd (HA) is a private funded venture capital firm with a fresh approach to the business of investment. Using the substantial resources at their disposal, they focus on helping early and expansion stage businesses enter international markets. Target companies operate in high-growth sectors with growth being driven by unique concepts, advanced technology and global potential.

Stephen Bullock
Stephen Bullock is a successful entrepreneur and serial tech angel investor with a portfolio focused on digital media, Web 2.0, software and B2B service companies. He takes an active non-executive board role and consults to a wide range of portfolio companies and is president of the London Business School Enterprise 100 Investment Club.

Shiv Rajendran, Operations Director at Languagelab was a two time guest on EDUKWEST.



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