Kno introduces Performance Data Dashboard and Automated Flashcards


Kno introduced two new features to its digital textbook platform today which now offers more than 70 interactive features including highlighting, note-taking, bookmarking, Quiz Me, 3D, Smart Links and Journal features.

“The future of education will be driven by analytics and self paced learning. We are taking the first step by making the student more self-aware of their study behavior to help them visualize how they engage with materials or benchmark themselves against previous students who took the class.” Osman Rashid, co-founder & CEO Kno

Kno Me gives each student a graphical dashboard that keeps track of key metrics in the learning process such as time spent in a book, knowledge of key terms and quiz results. Based on this, students are able to set personal learning goals more easily and to improve learning habits.

Kno Flashcards automatically convert key terms in any of the 150.000 textbooks into interactive flashcards which sums up to over 40 million flashcards in total. The technology behind those flashcards is based on cognitive and pedagogical research on metacognition, spaced repetition and episodic memory.

The launch is close to Apple’s January 19th event which will be about education and, as rumors suggest, involve the digital textbook space. Even though Osman Rashid and Matt MacInnis, CEO of Inkling, did not seem to be too woried according to an interview on GigaOm, the Apple event will surely have some kind of impact on both startups.

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