KICKSTART:ED #02 with Jun Axup of Biochemies

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In this episode of KICKSTART:ED I invited Jun Axup of Biochemies. The project itself is already two years old and Jun’s aim is to bring the world of science closer to children by making the complex concepts more fun and playful.

The Kickstarter project is the first physical product Jun wants to bring to market. She turned the four bases in the DNA (adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine) into plush toys. And they even connect via magnets where they naturally hydrogen bond, as well.

Jun wants to target three groups for these toys: science geeks who would love to have those plushies as deco on their desks, teachers who could use it in class and of course parents who want to give their kids something educational and maybe spark an early interest in science.

Apparently Biochemies hit a nerve amongst the Kickstarter community. She already raised more than $30,000 USD of $8000 USD pledged. If you want to support Jun and get your own set of DNA plushies, follow the link below.

Biochemies Website:
Twitter: @biochemies
Twitter: @junnibug


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