On the Ed Launch

Introducing our new EDUKWEST formats HEDLINES and On the ED

The regular EDUKWEST audience knows that over the years we have tried out and experimented with a couple of different news and show formats.

As we continue to self-finance the EDUKWEST site and grow from the revenue we make through partnerships and events without any outside funding, we have to be smart about our decisions and how to balance the formats we launched and want to launch with the viewer number and downloads we see for the individual shows.

Of course, production cost and your feedback are also important factors that influence the decision to bring on a new show or format.
I believe we found a good compromise for those of you who had really enjoyed our news show The Ed News Ticker which brought you daily news stories as video/audio podcast and short articles.

Introducing HEDLINES

We decided to bring you more news stories again this year and came up with a concept called HEDLINES.

HEDLINES are short articles that contain an abstract with the news item itself but additionally gives you our key takeaways, a short analysis of the news so to speak.

The past years have really shown that what our readers value most in EDUKWEST are our analysis, commentary and opinion on what’s happening in online education.

Introducing On the Ed

Which leads me to the second announcement, our new show On the Ed. On the Ed is currently still in alpha, so be kind with us as not everything is perfect just yet.

The concept of this show is to bring back a long form format to EDUKWEST, in parts similar to our popular review:ed show that I did with together with Christopher Dawson in 2012 and early 2013.

But On the Ed is not review:ed with a new name tag. Based on your feedback we have added two new layers to the show that will make it valuable and more interactive: Chris and I will discuss the stories relevant to us with a new guest each week, and we will also stream the discussion live via Google Hangouts on Air to give you the opportunity to interact with us in a live Q&A.

Part of the stories for the weekly On the Ed will come from HEDLINES but our expert guests are also invited to suggest more stories they think were important that week.

The focus of the show clearly lies on our discussion with the expert, our views and opinions on what’s happening right now and the why.
We realize that this is a show for connoisseurs, so not everyone will watch through an entire episode. But based on the comments and emails I get I learned that there is enough interest to bring a longform show back and many people who like to dig deep enough to appreciate the value such a show provides.

As stated above On the Ed is in alpha, so we might have to tweak here and there. That said, I found our first episode with Richard Taylor were enjoyable and and his perspective insightful.

Please, also give us feedback on what you liked, and more probably more importantly what you think we should change.

Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at KirstenWinkler.com.