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HEDLINE: YouScience raises $8.5 million for Science Driven Career Planning

YouScience, a Nashville-based startup that develops a resource portal for career planning called Latitude, announced that it has raised a $8.5 million Seed Round from mission-oriented individuals, institutions and organizations such as LaunchTN.

Latitude will officially launch end of June and be available directly to consumers and through secondary schools, education consultants, career counselors and universities.

Key Takeaway

Founded by career development expert Betsy Wills and entrepreneur Richard Patton and led by CEO Philip Hardin, Latitude aims to be the next generation career discovery platform based on 90 years of validated science according to the press release.

Latitude measures key traits for actionable feedback ranging from visual comparison speed over vocabulary and numerical computation to inductive reasoning, idea generation, work approach and interpersonal style. Based on the results, Latitude aims to provide students with their true career fit and the path to achieve it.

Latitude also offers a complete career guide with overview of salaries, projected job openings, and guidance on the education, degrees or certifications needed.

YouScience plans to extend its offering to career changers, returning military and anyone needing career and educational guidance starting next year.

With growing tuition rates and rising unemployment among graduates, the career planning sector is growing. Chegg just entered the vertical by launching the Chegg Career Center. Other startups like Collegefeed or projects like Balloon from Apollo Education are also targeting the vertical.

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