HEDLINE: WelVU raises $1.25 million for Personalized Patient Education

WelVU, a startup that creates personalized presentations for patient education, announced that it raised a $1.25 million Seed Round.

The round will be used to fund “aggressive go-to-market activity” in the ambulatory, acute care, and post-acute settings.

Key Takeaway

According to the press release the seed round was oversubscribed and extended to accommodate the interest of seasoned angel investors in the healthcare space.

WelVU’s platform that launched earlier this month combines medical illustrations, spoken explanations from a healthcare provider and the patient’s personal clinical data. Based on this WelVU creates a multimedia educational experience for the patient to reference after they have left the exam room or hospital.

Patient education is a crucial part in the recovery process but according to WelVU’s founder and CEO Mark Friess patients tend to remember less than 20% of the information and advice given by doctors and nurses.

Through WelVU patients receive personalized presentations they can consume on their computer, tablet or smartphone whenever they need a reminder of what they need to take care of after they left the hospital.

Friess told VentureBeat that in a next step WelVU will crowdsource material from health care workers but that the personal data will remain the centerpiece of the product.

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