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HEDLINE: Translation App Word Lens acquired by Google

Quest Visual, the startup that developed the augmented reality translation app Word Lens has been acquired by Google.

The team will join the Google Translate team and work on upcoming versions as well as the incorporation of the Word Lens technology into the product range according to a message on the Word Lens website.

Key Takeaway

Launched in 2010, the startup made headlines with its technology which translates text when the user points a camera at it. Its demonstration video went viral and has over 4.5 million views on YouTube to date which is quite impressive for a product video.

Word Lens translates Spanish, Russian, French, German, Italian and Portuguese into English and vice versa.

Word Lens created three versions of its app, one for iOS, one for Android and one for Google Glass. During the transition phase to Google, Word Lens is offering the apps and all language packs for free.

Waygo which uses a similar technology and translates Chinese and Japanese into English just launched its Android app last week.

First reported by: TechCrunch


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