TakeLessons acquires Betterfly

HEDLINE: TakeLessons acquires Betterfly


TakeLessons, a San Diego based online marketplace that connects students with high quality instructors, acquired Chicago based competitor Betterfly for an undisclosed amount. Betterfly’s employees won’t join TakeLessons.

With the acquisition of Betterfly and its userbase of students and tutors TakeLessons claims to be

“the world’s most comprehensive in-person and online lesson facilitator, serving over 500,000 students and teachers located in over 4,000 cities nationwide.”

Take Away

Betterfly raised an additional $1 million in August 2013 that came along with a product pivot from a marketplace for offline lessons toward a platform that connects students and instructors via online lessons.

In an article for edcetera I pointed out

“Interestingly, this pivot is based on how the Betterfly founders saw their community use the platform. There has been a shift of professional instructors who started to offer online lessons through Skype and other services. Based on talks with the community, the team therefore decided to rebuild their platform in order to cater this growing group of tutors and learners.”

With TakeLessons’ acquisition of Betterfly it has become obvious that there was either not enough traction among this growing group or that live lessons don’t attract a loyal audience.

TakeLessons started as a vertical marketplace for music lessons and is now spreading out into new subject matters like

“fitness, wellness, yoga, and nutrition; crafts and hobbies like knitting, crocheting, and baking; life and business coaching such as resume writing, public speaking, and relationship coaching; and beauty and style consulting.”

A partnership with Google Helpouts and the acquisition of Betterfly’s online tutoring platform enables TakeLessons to offer lessons through local tutors in over 4.000 cities in the US as well as online lessons.

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