HEDLINE: Spritz raises $3.5 million Seed Round for Speed Reading Technology


Spritz, a Boston-based startup that works on a speed reading technology is in the process of closing a $3.54 million Seed Round reports TechCrunch.

Spritz’ technology streams the text at the reader one word at a time with adjustable speed claiming readers will be able to read up to 1000 words per minute using the application.

Key Takeaway

Spritz’ patent pending technology is based on the so called Optimal Recognition Position. The ORP is one point in the word that triggers the brain to recognize it and process its meaning. The ORP is different for each word and tends to be further to the left in longer words. Only in three letter words the ORP is right in the middle.

Spritz aims to eliminate the eye movement that is needed to read a text or search for the ORP by showing the reader one word at a time that is perfectly centered around the ORP. By eliminating these factors Spritz claims to speed up reading significantly without any further training being necessary.

Spritz’ aim is to get to one billion readers using the app and to make every webpage or app spritzable through licensing its technology to app developers and web designers.

“Our goal is ubiquity, we want to make sure that everything that makes sense to spritz can be spritzed.”

says Spritz co-founder and CEO Frank Waldman to TechCrunch.

The Spritz team does not plan work on applications themselves but to focus on further developing the technology itself.

The topic of speed reading in general and Spritz’ claims in particular have stirred up some conversation in the past days. You find selected articles linked below.

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