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HEDLINE: Skillshare to launch Learning Flatrate

According to VentureBeat New York-based Skillshare is about to officially announce its new “Netflix-like” subscription model this Thursday. Learners will get access to hundreds of online courses for a fixed fee of $9.95 per month.

During the beta test learners who participated in the membership program saved about $75 per month on average.

Key Takeaway

With the new membership model Skillshare wants to bind its learners to the service by offering them potential savings. Taking the stated $75 in savings into consideration, the average learner who took part in the beta must have taken about three courses per month.

When it comes to the teachers who offer their courses on Skillshare, they will still earn about the same money under the new model according to Skillshare co-founder and CEO Michael Karnjanaprakorn.

Karnjanaprakorn states that the Skillshare membership is closely modeled after Netflix and Spotify and that he believes that this will also work in the education space.


Kirsten Winkler, Founder & Editor EDUKWESTWe are not short of examples of flat rate pricings in the online education space. The most prominent one being, of course. German-based Sofatutor also offers access to their platform at a fixed monthly fee.

On the other hand, we have the early example of eduFire which failed to establish its SuperPass model, partly based on tutors who could not resist to game the system and partly because the model was just not thought through.

If anything at all this is a clear attack on Udemy which became Skillshare’s main competitor after Skillshare had evolved into an online course platform. Udemy is very aggressively pushing its content through weekly promotions of up to 90% off the usual prices. A learning flat rate for $9.95 is directly targeting the same audience of bargain hunters.

Getting into a price war relatively early in the lifecycle of a company can’t be healthy. If the only thing you can compete on is a lower price, something is usually fundamentally wrong with the product itself.

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  • Glenda @ Skillshare

    Christina, thanks for sharing the news of our Membership launch with your readers! Giving our students an affordable Membership option is part of our mission to provide anyone, anywhere with high-quality opportunities to learn real-world skills. We’re focused on building a catalog of hundreds of project-based classes from the world’s best teachers, like Gary Vaynerchuk, Mary Kate McDevitt and Jeff Staple. Membership makes access to these classes attainable for students from all backgrounds and experience levels.