HEDLINE: ShowEvidence receives Investment from The Follett Knowledge Fund


ShowEvidence which offers an SaaS platform for performance assessment has received an undisclosed amount from The Follet Knowledge Fund.

The startup previously received $500k in Partial Close funding.

Key Takeaway

As the name suggests ShowEvidence is a service that enables students or employees to demonstrate their mastery of core competencies based on evidence in their work.

The major difference to other products in the space is that ShowEvidence enables its users to evaluate in content like essays, projects, videos and presentations instead of just letting the learner take multiple choice or other linear tests.

“By focusing on evidence to drive scoring, our system delivers improved rater efficiency and reduces bias—a major milestone for the field,”

said Eric Docter, CEO and co-founder of ShowEvidence in the press release.

At the moment ShowEvidence is focused on the student assessment, teacher and principal certification, and professional development markets in K-12 and Higher Ed, but the startup has plans to move into other markets down the road eventually.

The investment in ShowEvidence is the first by The Follet Knowledge Fund, a $50 million venture fund focused on disruptive technologies in the education/technology space. The fund was announced in June 2013 and is managed by Atrium Capital.

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