HEDLINE: Queen Rania of Jordan launches Arabic MOOC platform Edraak based on Open edX

Today Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan officially launched Edraak, the first non-profit MOOC platform for the Arab speaking world. Edraak is powered by Open edX.

The project was announced by edX and the Queen Rania Foundation in November 2013.

Key Takeaway

In the opening ceremony which took place in Amman, Queen Rania pointed out that the Arab world

“drift(s) at the bottom of global rankings in terms of knowledge, and in terms of how and what we produce.”

Through Edraak the Queen Rania Foundation aims to bring free quality education to Arab students. Available on the platform will be localized versions of MOOCs from foreign universities but also locally produced courses by leading Arab faculty members and well-known professionals in a variety of fields.

According to Queen Rania the challenges faced by the Arab world reach from poor quality of education and graduates’ inability to meet the demands of the job market over the limited number of global scientific publications released and the scarcity of exports in advanced technology to the skills gap in the region.

“Although online learning is not a solution to all our problems, quality education that is open to everyone is an opportunity to increase our knowledge, and raise the potential of the region”

Queen Rania stated during her speech.

During the past 2 weeks, more than 35.000 users have registered for Edraak’s courses which will start in June. Courses already available on Edraak include “Introduction to Computer Science” and “Circuits and Electronics” provided by MITx, as well as “Winning Job Search Strategies”, “CV and Cover Letter Writing” and “Personal Branding” courses provided by Bayt.com.

Open edX is the open source initiative of edX. Other MOOC platforms that are based on the Open edX platform are France Université Numérique and China’s XuetangX.

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