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HEDLINE: Pluralsight acquires Code School for $36 million

Pluralsight, an online training platform for professionals in the tech sector, has acquired learn-to-code platform Code School for $32 million. Through the acquisition Pluralsight extends its library to beginner level courses.

Founded in 2011, Code School has attracted over 1 million subscribers with around 40.000 of them being active ones at the time of the acquisition. The startup offers over 40 courses starting at beginner levels. The courses are presented in an entertaining way with added gamification elements, like in-browser coding challenges and badges. A subscription to Code School starts at $29 per month.

“Code School has differentiated itself as a fun, efficient, hands-on way to learn, offering introductory to advanced courses that are really effective.”

states Pluralsight CEO Aaron Skonnard in the press release.

The acquisition of Code School is the sixth in 18 months by Pluralsight which raised a $135 million Series B in August. In November the company acquired skill test platform Smarterer in order to create an industry wide standard for tech skill assessment.

Like Smarterer, Code School will remain a separate entity with the team remaining in Orlando. The platform will serve as an entry point to more advanced coding classes offered by Pluralsight. Code School will also offer 10 courses from Pluralsight to its subscribers, reports TechCrunch., one of Pluralsight’s main competitors, just closed a $186 million Series B which will be mainly used to acquire edtech companies. According to CEO Eric Robin the company is in the final stage of due dilligence with one and has letters of intent with three other edtech companies. This means we can expect further consolidation in the tech education space throughout 2015.

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