HEDLINE: Parchment College Match offers Personalized Applications

After raising an additional $10 million in March Parchment is now expanding the service beyond delivering and sharing verified credentials, transcripts, certifications and diplomas.

The company now launched a new tool named Parchment College Match that allows students to personalize the application process and discover the colleges most appropriate to them.

College Match takes into consideration a variety of aspects including test scores and credentials of course, but also students’ preferences and interests to help them make an educated evaluation of their chances of being accepted into certain colleges.

College Match aims to help students make more educated decisions about colleges beyond their own state but may also reverse the trend of students feeling a need to apply to more colleges than necessary out of fear of not being accepted into certain institutions according to CEO Matthew Pittinsky.

By gathering and comparing data such as GPA, SAT and ACT scores as well as a student’s educational background and preferences, the College Match algorithm then comes up with a list of colleges recommended for the individual student.

According to Techcrunch Parchment compares a total of 1,000 colleges for now, so the recommendation of colleges is not necessarily comprehensive in scope as of now.

In order to benefit from the algorithm’s suggestions students have to feed the tool with personal data including their state of residence and contact information, their current grade level, as well as GPA or SAT/ACT levels for math, writing and science.

After indicating the schools they previously attended and educational preferences they can make use of the suggestions College Match comes up with according to information they fed it with.

Founded in 2003 Parchment has raised total funding of $45 million.

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