HEDLINE: Osman Rashid announces Galxyz, his new EdTech Startup

Serial edtech founder Osman Rashid announced his next venture called Galxyz at an event in New York today. The startup aims to blur the lines between learning and gaming to get children interested in science.

Galxyz is developed in partnership with the New York Academy of Sciences and is expected to launch in early fall 2014 with Physical Sciences as first topic.

Key Takeaway

Galxyz takes kids on a mission to collect the lost knowledge that got scattered across the galaxy while fighting their nemesis King Dullard and his minions. The game play is aligned with the upcoming science standards called Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Besides inviting the learner to play and explore the missions inside the application, they are also encouraged to try out mastered concepts in the real world by working on small projects like building a catapult out of a tissue box or for the more advanced learners a solar powered car.

“Our goal is to completely blur the lines between learning and gaming so that kids are engaged and provide a sequence of deep quality content so that parents don’t have to worry about next steps or alignment of curriculum.”

states Osman Rashid in the press release.

Galxyz’ partner, the New York Academy of Sciences, is a non-profit that has been committed to advancing science, technology, and society worldwide since 1817. The Academy has 22,000 members in 100 countries around the world.

“The focus on problem solving delivered at the intersection of mobile, gaming and 21st century skill development gives us a chance to reach kids around the world in a way that appeals to them.”

states Ellis Rubinstein, president and CEO of the Academy.

Over time Galxyz will add other topics to the app with Life Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences following shortly after the launch in fall 2014. At launch the app will focus on the consumer market but the startup plans to add features so that a teacher, an entire school or district can customize and deploy Galxyz based on their adaptation of NGSS.

Before launching Galxyz, Rashid was the co-founder and CEO of Chegg and Kno which got acquired by Intel. Galxyz is funded by Relay Ventures, Andresseen Horowitz and Emerson Collective and others.


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