HEDLINE: Meducation raises $1 million Seed Round

UK-based online education network for medical professionals Meducation raised a $1 million Seed Round.

Approximately one third or $300,000 come from The Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s innovation agency which is taxpayer funded. The other two thirds come from undisclosed private investors according to TechCrunch.

Key Takeaway

New Media Education (NME), the startup behind the network Meducation, was founded in 2008 by Jeremy Walker and Dr Alastair Buick with the aim to improve the quality of medical education worldwide by the means of providing a central place for sharing educational resources.

Meducation members get access to currently more than 30,000 resources in the community including documents, tutorials, podcasts, videos or images and slideshows. These learning resources either come from publishers, Meducation’s own authors or members of the growing community.

Resources submitted by the community are free of charge but Meducation also offers a selection of paid material created by NME or small publishers in the space. Meducation sees itself as a social enterprise, generating revenue from users in high-income countries which then enable users in developing countries to get access to high quality material on the network free of charge.

Initially aimed at UK medical students, Meducation has since attracted more than 36,500 members worldwide, however it has by far the strongest footprint in the UK where it launched in 2009. According to Meducation 33% of medical students in the country were using the service by July of last year.

Members of Meducation are encouraged to join one of the collaborative learning groups and to engage with other members by answering questions etc in addition to accessing the asynchronous learning content available on the network.

With the new funding Meducation aims to further expand internationally and to attract doctors and nurses to join the network.


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