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HEDLINE: Medallion Learning raises $500k

Denver-based Medallion Learning raised $500k in Venture Funding according to a SEC filing.

Founded in 2013, Medallion Learning provides organisations with a SaaS platform that delivers online courses to their workforce.

Key Takeaway

Organisations can choose between standard courses that offer instruction in universally recognized and certifiable skills or custom courses tailored to the specific needs of the client.

All courses are created by subject matter experts and course design experts. The courses are delivered via Medallion Learning’s Calibrate platform which is accessible via computers, tablets and mobile phones.

As of late Edtech startups in the corporate training space keep gaining more traction. Just a couple of weeks ago Guidespark, which turns paper based learning material into digital and interactive courses, raised a $15 million Series B and established player SkillSoft was acquired for $2 billion by private equity firm Charterhouse. Also, venture-backed Viridis Learning just recently launched an online learning platform for the middle-skill workforce.


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