HEDLINE: Largest Mexican Union to train 1.6m Teachers Online via Declara

The Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (SNTE) announced that it has selected Declara as technology platform to deliver training to 1.6 million teachers and administrators in Mexico.

Through the training SNTE, Latin America’s largest teacher union, aims to provide teachers with the necessary skills to compete in a global economy.

Key Takeaway

The initiative is part of a larger plan to transform the entire Mexican education system over the next couple of years with teachers as the driving force behind reforms. In July Mexico will introduce a new national test in which teachers need to demonstrate their mastery of skills.

Declara will provide the technology behind the initiative. The company offers an adaptive learning platform, using machine learning, search, algorithms and recommendations to develop specific learning paths for individuals.

SNTE aims to connect teachers to the right expert in their school; a colleague’s posts on the topic; or the right content on a blog out of another school system in order to build stronger, nation wide communities.

Maybe this initiative will also help to fight Mexico’s truancy problem among teachers. As the WSJ reported this week, the government has discovered that around 39.000 of its teachers either never show up in school or don’t even work as teachers yet receive their salaries.

Declara was founded in 2012 by Ramona Pierson. The startup raised a $5 million Seed Round in September 2013 from Peter Thiel, Founders Fund, and Data Collective.

SNTE plans to expand the program to training specialists and parents over time.

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