HEDLINE: Knewton partners with Turkish Elearning & Publishing Company Sebit


Adaptive learning platform Knewton announced a partnership with multinational elearning and publishing company Sebit.

Sebit, owned by Türk Telekom, has been a global leader in educational technology for more than 25 years and its solutions are used by more than 3 million students in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Key Takeaway

Sebit will first integrate Knewton’s technology in its US-based K-12 product Adaptive Curriculum. Adaptive Curriculum provides web-based science and math lessons for grades 5-12. Through the integration of Knewton Sebit will be able to determine a student’s proficiency in learning individual concepts and provide continuous recommendations toward mastery.

The partnership will be launched in the United States and later expand into other markets across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. In a next step Sebit will integrate Knewton’s technology into Vitamin, the leading e-learning solution in Turkey.

Yesterday Knewton announced a partnership with Microsoft at the annual Microsoft in Education Global Forum in Barcelona, introducing Knewton’s technology and API to the Microsoft partner network as well as education ministries across the globe. Microsoft will be able to streamline nationwide deployments of adaptive learning materials.

In October 2013 Knewton opened its London office, the first outside the US, which serves as headquarter for international expansion across Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

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