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HEDLINE: Invention Labs raises $550k Seed Round for Avaz Autism App

Invention Labs has raised a $550K Seed Funding round led by Inventus Capital and Mumbai Angels with participation of Google India MD Rajan Anandan and Raju Reddy, founder of Sierra Atlantic and others.

The funding is specifically for Invention Labs’ picture based communication app Avaz AAC that helps children with autism develop verbal skills.

The funding will be used to further develop the app and also expand geographically.

Key Takeaway

According to lead creator Ajit Narayanan already “thousands” of children in English speaking countries like the U.S. and Australia but also in European countries like Italy, Denmark as well as in India are using the Avaz.

Avaz works through pictograms and thus helps the children to assemble messages using different pictures and putting these together. The messages or phrases are then read out by a speech engine.

According to Techcrunch Narajanan also plans to release a version of Avaz that is enabled with FreeSpeech, a patent-pending technology of his that allows children to communicate and express themselves through pictures independent from language.

As his research is around the main challenge to allow communication beyond language, Narayanan therefore doesn’t see the app limited to autism only, but thinks kids with dyslexia or other learning disabilities could eventually benefit from it too.

Going even a step further, when communication wasn’t limited by language skills would it be possible to express oneself through pictograms without the need of speaking each other’s language?

The basic version of the app called Avaz Lite is freely available for the iPad to allow parents to test out what it is capable of. Invention Labs sells the full version for $99.99. Avaz AAC available for iOS and Android.


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