HEDLINE: Hopscotch launches v2.0 announces $1.2 million Seed Round

Hopscotch, creator of an iPad app that teaches children to code through a graphical programming language, announced today that it has raised a $1.2 million Seed Round in August 2013 from Resolute Ventures, Collaborative Fund, Kapor Capital and others.

The announcement is tied to the release of version 2.0 of its iPad app.

Key Takeaway

The Hopscotch app uses code building blocks that can be easily combined through drag and drop. The app takes full advantage of the tactile interface of the iPad as the programs also interact with events like shaking the iPad, drawing on the screen etc.

It is also a complete visual coding language which means that it can essentially be used to create entire games. “Hopscotch is a digital toy that can be used to make other digital toys. Think 21st century Legos.” co-founder Jocelyn Leavitt told TechCrunch.

The new version of the app adds even more possibilities by introducing functions and subroutines that can be used to create more complex projects. Hopscotch sees itself as an entry point to spark a child’s interest.

“When you learn conditional logic and ideas around variables in Hopscotch, you can translate that to other programming languages” Leavitt tells re/code.

The app has been used to create over 1.5 million projects, compiling more than 57 million blocks of code since its release in April 2013.


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