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HEDLINE: edX partners with GEMS Education for K-12 MOOCs

Private school chain GEMS Education announced a partnership with edX at the Global Education and Skills Forum to bring MOOCs to the K-12 space.

GEMS Education will be edX’s first partner in K-12 and joins as contributing member. The first courses will go live in the second half of 2014.

Key Takeaway

edX just recently expanded its membership structure in order to offer more courses outside of classic academia. According to edX some of the most talented and engaged students on the platform are attending secondary or even middle school.

By working together with with Davidson College and the College Board to create AP modules that prepare students for college, edX already took a first step to tap into this vertical. By means of the partnership with GEMS Education, edX students will get access to courses appropriate for their current level, even if they are not yet attending college or university.

The announcement was made at the second Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai this weekend which is co-organized by GEMS Education and the Varkey GEMS Foundation.

Last week word got out that the London-based private equity firm Permira is about to acquire a 40% stake in GEMS Education which is currently valued at between $1.5 billion and $2 billion. GEMS Education currently serves 142.000 students in 151 countries.

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