HEDLINE: Declara adds $9 million to its Series A

Declara, an edtech startup that offers an adaptive learning platform for continuing education, has raised an additional $9 million from Singapore’s EDBI and Chicago-based Linden Venture Fund bringing its Series A to $25 million.

Declara announced that it had raised a $16 million Series A led by GSV Capital last month. In total the startup has raised $34 million to date.

Key Takeaway

The new funding will be partly used to expand into Asia. Declara will open an office in Singapore and will work together with EDBI to introduce the platform in other Asian countries. Declara also plans to further invest into its technology.

Declara’s adpative learning platform uses semantic search, predictive analytics and machine learning to surface the right content for individuals at the right time, making learning more personalized and discovery oriented. Over time Declara recognizes learning patterns of each individual and then further adapts the learning path by adding relevant content or connecting learners with colleagues or experts.

SNTE, Mexico’s largest teacher union chose Declara as technology provider to train 1.6 million teachers in Mexico. Declara also has contracts with the Educational Services Australia network, Becalos, an organization of Mexico’s Televisa Foundation and Tu clase, tu país in Chile, among others. On average companies pay the platform $50 per head per year according to re/code. This rate can be lower if organisations commit to training a large number of employees.

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