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HEDLINE: Coursera Co-Founder Andrew Ng becomes Chief Scientist at Baidu

There have been rumors for a while but now it is official: Andrew Ng will be leaving his day-to-day role at Coursera by the end of this month. Ng announced the decision on the Coursera blog and also reveals his next job: Chief Scientist at Baidu.

Ng will remain chairman of the board at Coursera.

Key Takeaway

Ng confirms that over the past months he was thinking about his broader interests and that machine learning and artificial intelligence are the fields that capture his interest.

“With the MOOC movement healthy and growing, I now plan to dedicate more of my time toward AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning. I will be joining Baidu as their Chief Scientist to help build out a research organization, headquartered in Silicon Valley. Both education and AI have been longstanding passions for me. I believe some of my skills will allow me to make a contribution to the latter.”

About a month ago Rick Levin, former president of Yale, took over the role as CEO of the MOOC platform with Ng taking the roles of chairman of the board and “Chief Evangelist”. Therefore, one can assume that the move to Baidu won’t really affect the new management structure. As Ng states

“I will continue to act as a spokesperson and evangelist for Coursera, support the company in building out its Teaching & Learning team, further Coursera’s work in China, and remain deeply involved in company strategy.”

Hat Tip to Satal Parmar.

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